It all started when...

I heard of CrossFit during the summer of 2012. I had graduated college a year and half earlier and was determined to find a way to feel healthy and energized now that I was no longer in school.  I began working out alone and was lost doing what I considered “CrossFit” style workouts at your typical globo gym.  Through hours of self-training I began to feel more confident in my abilities and thought I was ready for a more competitive environment so I signed up at CrossFit Milford in November of 2012, I instantly fell in love with the high intensity environment and all the people that came along with it. I couldn’t do anything correctly, I struggled with almost every workout, but the atmosphere kept me coming back for more.  The more I kept up my training the more I saw my abilities and relationships in the community grow, seeing the limitless potential a person can achieve with the right balance of goals, persistence, and community. 

Joining CrossFit was the best decision I have ever made. I’ve made lasting relationships and learned a lot about myself. I struggled with weight most of my life, at one point I was 80 lbs heavier than I am now, CrossFit has helped me live a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally building confidence that came along with self-discipline and positive body transformation. I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s stories and having the ability to share my experiences for what this developed passion has done for me.


  • CF L-1
  • CF L-2
  • Crossfit Scaling
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • Adult, Child, Infant CPR & AED Certified