June 2019





Get to know our members who display consistency, positivity, and growth on a daily basis here at Stroud Crossfit!
Each month we will pick one woman and one man who feel epitomize the environment and atmosphere of Stroud in our community!


What do you do for a living?

Fred: I am a Financial Advisor.

I’m a clinical social worker with a speciality in trauma and work within at a private practice.

What got you started in joining Crossfit?

Fred: Originally to get back in shape after a brief 6 month hiatus it was because I was getting soft.

My father became ill and as his health deteriorated I began to focus my attention on him. After his passing, I decided to refocus my attention on me and get my mind and body back to health. I felt I owed it to myself since I am also focusing on others wellbeing.

What is your favorite aspect about Stroud?

Fred: I love the supportive environment.

There are several positive aspects about Stroud. First and foremost, the coaches and their coaching style. They each bring their own positive spin on coaching. I feel that each of them are knowledgeable, inspiring, energetic and motivating. I enjoy the fact that, they each take their time to go over the movements and form to ensure understanding and prevent any injuries. Although, they motivate and push you with your goals, it is done in a safe manner.

Second, the members are friendly and welcoming. I was welcomed and felt like I belonged. Third, I enjoy the different services provided such as the sauna, lower body strengthening program, health challenges, etc. Lastly, the gym hours. Despite my schedule being at times complicated, I can always find a time to attend even if it’s open gym.

What are your current goals?

Fred: To improve fitness level and get stronger physically and mentally.

Currently, to fit into a dress for a wedding in October. Overall, to have a balanced mind and body. Also, to get over my fear of box jumps (Accomplishing just 1 box jump would be a complete success).

What is your favorite movement?

Fred: Thrusters or manmakers!

Its a tie between dead lifts and the rowing machine.

What is your LEAST favorite movement?

Fred: Any movement with an eastern European name in front of it!

Overhead squats!

What is your favorite food?

Fred: Ribeye or Linguini and White Clam Sauce.

Anything with seafood.

Any special or hidden talents?

Fred: I have no special talents!

I’m a great artist.