As a 35 year old working mother of two...

and I fully understand the difficulties of finding time to workout with such a busy schedule…but I am proof it can be done! I have been an active “Cross-fitter” since 2013. CrossFit has truly helped me realize what I was capable of, both inside the box and out. 

I have traveled to many boxes in the region and the CrossFit community has offered me friendships, encouragement, experience and camaraderie no matter where I am. I have always been dedicated to improving my technique and after 3 years I finally decided to pursue my Level 1 Trainer Certificate.

My goal as a CrossFit coach is to promote the positives of doing CrossFit through proper training and inspire others to feel great about themselves both physically and mentally! I love being a part of new members’ journey witnessing them overcome and break through preconceived limitations. I welcome the opportunity to share my passion, experience, and knowledge with the Stroud CrossFit Community. I will always strive to provide the best possible experience at our box.

Favorite Motto
"Form first...Speed Follows."  


  • CF L-1
  • CF L-2
  • Rowing (ERG) Trainer
  • Judging Certificate (2017)
  • Scaling Certificate