WOD - Nov 21, 2016

Active warm-up
Activation work:
3 rounds
Goblet squat holds 15-25 sec
X Band walks – 10/side
Bottoms up KB Press – light weight focus on keeping elbow in on press 8 reps per arm

A. 1¼ Front squat – building every 90secs for 12 mins *starting at 50%
B1. Single Arm Bicep Hammer curl into DB strict press 8x3
B2. 10-15 sec Ring Support Hold, try to turn hands out
B3. DB tricep ext light weight
Heavy Fran
Thrusters 135/95
*need to be able to do at least 5 unbroken reps at this weight in order to not scale down. If you need to scale down, can scale down to regular Fran