WOD - July 22, 2017

12 min to work on:

Pull-ups - chest to bar pullups – bar muscle ups
double unders
*Work on proper kipping technique for all movements*
As Partners Complete the following anyway you’d like
1 Mile Run (sub 2k row) alt every 200 m for run – alt every 250 m for row
50 Syncro kb swings (50/35)
40 Syncro burpees to plate (meet at plate)
30 Knees to elbow (other partner has to be hanging)
20 HSPU (other partner has to hold handstand againt wall) – (Scale to HR pushup while other partner holds plank)
10 Partner Tire Flips

After Wod: 
Warm up for snatch (drop snatch, snatch balance, no weight 10 x 3)
A. Snatch – Build to heavy single for day
B. Snatch - 2x6 @ 80 % of heavy single