WOD - Apr 7, 2018

Warm up WOD:
6 min AMRAP
10 KB deadlifts
20 sec plank
10 Russian KB swings

With a partner complete:
800m Run *together
20 Synchro Deadlifts
800m Run *together
20 Synchro burpees over bar
800m Run *together
20 Synchro Thrusters

*weight should be heavier for DL, then stripped to be lighter for thrusters

Part A
Box jump work/agility ladder work:
Seated box jumps, low box jumps, passes through agility ladder, general practice with explosive movement

Part B
Min 1 - 30 DU or single unders
Min 2 - 15 walking lunge steps w/DB or KB per hand

2 min row at tough pace
1 min plank hold
x3 sets