WOD - Aug 25, 2018

With a partner:
Snatch ladder

1 Rep (per min)

*Partner 1 snatches on min 1, Partner 2 snatches on min 2 (10 attempts each)

**One partner must complete 20 DU or 30 singles before partner can attempt their snatch

***If you fail an attempt you have to wait until your next minute to re-attempt

Score = total weight lifted throughout all 20 mins

Part A
Med ball bear hug lunges - 50ft x3
Med ball bear hug squats - 12x3
Med ball overhead lunges - 50ft x3

Part B
Tabata Mountain climbers
:20 sec work/:10 sec rest
x8 sets

15 min AMRAP
20 Med ball push press
15 V-ups
10 Seated DB press