WOD - May 18, 2019

25 min AMRAP
Teams of 3
1 Round of CINDY (5 Pull-ups/10 Push-ups/15 Air Squats)
1 Round of NANCY (10 Overhead squats/200m Run)
1 Round of DIANE (10 Deadlift/10 Handstand push-ups)

P1 completes 1 round of CINDY, then P2 completes one round of NANCY, then P3 completes one ROUND of DIANE, then P1 does NANCY, P2 does DIANE, P3 does CINDY, continue rotating)

Part A
Tabata DU practice
:20 work/:10 rest
x8 sets

Part B
Arch ups - 10x3
Hollow ups - 10x3
Front scale - 30 sec. hold/leg x3
Back scale - 30 sec. hold/leg x3

14 min AMRAP
20 Renegade Rows alternating
20 Squat thrusts over DBs
20 Mountain climbers
20 DU or 40 Single unders