WOD - Oct 7, 2016

A. Clean (EmOM x 6 minutes) w/ pause @ knee; 50x2, 60x2, then clean w/ no pause 70x2(2) 80x2(2)

**after each set (6 sets) work on handstand push ups.. use a box or wall but focus on a tight body positioning and lowering down to a good tripod position.. treat this as a negative @ 5-7 sec. for 1-2 reps and press or kipp out of first negative.  If you are really strong here then do it from a deficit


EMOM x 6 minutes

odd = bulgarain split squat - go off feel here

even = db row x 8/side


For time

50 T2B

40 hang squat cleans, 115/75

30 cal on AB